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Partner lawyers, law firms

We consider our client's legal issues our own, however, there are still some situations - for example foreign transactions and litigation - when the legal situation demands that the interests of our clients being represented by a resident local lawyer who is professional and experienced in local law.

With this aim in mind we have established close partnership with carefully-chosen foreign law firms to find similar profiles, to ensure that clients will get the same high quality legal service in abroad as well as at home.

These partnerships include such professional legal advice as to operating the administration within the territory of the partner office, or pursue more complex legal matters.

Our partners are the Petra Urbanyi Law Firm, which is established in Milan, Italy, Motika Law Office established in Belgrad, Serbia and Naipoglu Law Firm established in Istanbul, Turkey. In our partner officies we speak Italian, French, Serbian,Turkish, Hungarian and English and help you with the following:

  • tax law, corporate law, economical law, , civil law, labour law, matters for administration
  • representation in litigation
  • legal advice regarding industrial protection, licensing and legal representation associated with use of contract law

Contacts for our Italian partner:

Aw. Petra Urbanyi
Via Caravaggio, 4
20054 Nova Milanese

Contacts for our Serbian partner:

Motika Law Office
Makedonska 28/10

Contacts for our Turkish partner:

Naipoglu Law Firm
Gazi Umur Pasa
Sok. Balmumcu Plaza 4 No:36 D:4

Other partners lawyers and law firms in Hungary:

  • Dr. Ferenc Ács Law Office
  • Dr. Tünde E. Kovács Law Office
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