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Preparation and providing legal opinion on agreements for large corporations and for small businesses

If you do not already have your own representative in company law, then surely you also have to think that sometimes there is a great need for a corporate lawyer who

  • provides you with permanent legal representation
  • systematically review, improve and update your contracts
  •  prepares standard contracts for you (eg: agency contract, sale and purchase agreement , lease agreement, employment contract)
  • available when you establish a new company (like Ltd. or limited partnership ) or when you would like to create or convert or abrogate an existing one
  • settles up the registration of changes in your company
  • prepares articles of incorporation, charters for you and countersign contracts
  •  represents you in court proceedings
  •  develops the organizational, operational and internal regulations
  • helps you with setting up a branch and direct sale offices
  • take the litigation and represents you before Court in  economic business issues

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