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Legal support regarding pharmaceutical trade-issues

Today the distribution of medicines is probably one of the most complicated and risky commercial area. Just one mistake entered incorrectly in the wholesale contract, or a forgotten aspect and you may be at risk for the entire company operation.

Dr. B. Ágnes Horváth Law Firm specialised for the wholesale and retail contracts related to the pharmaceutical trade and pursue licensing procedures related to pharmaceutical distribution. You will want to work with us if:

  • want to enjoy the maximum protection of your rights as a pharmaceutical manufacturer or trader as to which will need an accurate, precise, everything in every possible situation involving legal contract
  • need a legal representative experienced in pharmaceutical and medicine issues, who will launch and guide you through the licensing procedures for the distribution of medicines
  • need help of a legal representative for domestic distribution and export activities relating the preparation of contracts and taking firm action against partners who don’t pay the fees
  • if you are a manager of a pharmacy you would feel more relaxed if you will have a legal representative who should also check that the pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers have all the necessary permits

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