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Legal assistance in international trade issues

Sooner or later will happen in the life of many companies that they would like to expand their portfolio and would like to make available their products, goods and services abroad as well.

Arises inmediatelly a typical question as how the two companies registered in different countries may enter into a contract with each other in a way that both of them could enjoy the maximum legal protection? Which country’s law has the right to be the governing law? One or the other? Possibility of the "neutrality" of a third country?

The Dr. B. Horváth Ágnes Law Office will help you to find the answers. Our lawyers with knowledge of international trade and European law could support you:

  • help you align the international legal standards with the Hungarian law
  • sending  professionally written order for payment to oversea partners
  • help you if you get an order for payment from a foreign partner
  • offer you a legal representative in another countries who is familiar with local litigations, local laws
  • draw you  EU or international contracts which are taking into account the legal nomrs.

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