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What kind of legal consultancy needed for a successful company?

Every day there are arising situations in a company’s life when there is a need for a responsible and success-oriented legal counsel who provides you with practical solutions, client-focused attitude, clear communication and guides you through the intricate labyrinths of law.

After all, what could give more satisfaction to a manager than the knowledge that the legal matters of the business are in right hands?

The law firm established by Dr. B. Horváth Ágnes would like to support you with this endeavour.

What kind of areas could the Dr. B.Horváth Ágnes Law Office help you?

First of all our office is specialized in economical law, tax law and civil law, if you are with us down in favor of, you can be sure that:

  • The contracts of your company whether they are  supply or agency agreements,  carriage agreement, or sale and purchase agreements, will protect your business and personal interests from the first letter to the last.
  • You will get professionally up to date help in international trade issues, whether trading within the EU or making international legal transactions.
  • In legal issues related to pharmaceutical commercialisation you’ll get quick and effective licence proceedings and precise contracts
  • Contracts related to real estate (sales and leases) are completed in a short time, your real estate procedures are in the best hands.

If you are looking for a trustworthy legal representative who is client-oriented, please fill in the application form!

Our managing partner, Dr. B. Horváth Ágnes will contact you within 24 hours.

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